We are the only company in India that has developed a LiDAR mapping system and working closely with our partners to make LiDAR mapping affordable for all kinds of survey and mapping companies.


We empower our customers and partners to deliver high quality 3D models with fast turn around times with our state-of-the-art LiDAR mapping systems that are robust, reliable, accurate and affordable, along with our proprietary post-processing software built and fine tuned to efficiently handle large amounts of data.


To become a leading global high-tech consulting and design firm for affordable earth-observation sensors and revolutionize infrastructure, automobile and navigation industry.


Here at Satvig, we cultivate a learning environment where we adapt, revise, and improve based on experience and a constantly changing environment, while working closely with our customers and partners to find solutions to challenges.

We especially value creativity, high caliber work, commitment to quality, humor, diversity, and friendliness in our employees.